Stephan's Milk-soaked Lactation Sex BL manga YAOI
  • Title:Stephan's Milk-soaked Lactation Sex
  • page:37

Stefan Frenzelt is a kind-hearted young man who makes a living as a lumberjack.

Stefan, who has huge breasts and a tendency to breastfeed, is noticed by a certain perverted dwarf uncle.

Stefan is tricked into thinking that his uncle is a human child by a magic device that causes hallucinations.

An old man pretending to be a child persuades him to take him home...

Stefan's defenseless breasts are sucked completely by the uncle's sticky tongue technique.

Breast milk overflows due to erotic stimulation and won't stop...

After breastfeeding, he plays a lewd prank on her, pretending to be a hero!

In the end, the old man's thick penis penetrates the wet anus...

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