Cum Cum Quest -The Adventures of Jelio, the Maleboob Hero- BL manga YAOI
  • Title:Cum Cum Quest -The Adventures of Jelio, the Maleboob Hero-
  • page:2 episodes total 36 pages

Episode 1「The Hero and the Whip-Using Monster」

The hero Jerio, who travels to subjugate the Demon King, encounters a powerful monster who wields a whip.

Gerio's breasts are hurt by a merciless spanking.

As a hero, I shouldn't lose, but my body craves the monster's huge penis...

Intense rape SEX with incontinence and soft strangulation!

Episode 2「The Hero and the Tentacle Sleep Rape」

Jerio stayed at an inn for the first time in a while.

She gets tired and falls asleep quickly, but a tentacle monster that had slipped into her luggage tries to get her to sleep and tortures her with pleasure while she sleeps.

Tentacle sleep rape where sensitive areas such as nipples, cock, urethra, and prostate are relentlessly violated!

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