Welcome! Cuntboy Cafe BL manga
  • Title:Welcome! Cuntboy Cafe
  • page:37


"Cunt Boy Cafe" is a cafe where super lewd boys with female genitalia work ♪

I will be welcoming customers today as well in a lewd costume that shows off my erect clitoris.

The cafe's specialty is the "Female Genital Parfait"♪

Boys' genitals are topped with cream and fruit.

You can enjoy every inch of the lewd female genitals.

Our customers' favorite food is boys' clitoris.

Playing with their fingers, licking, and sucking, the boys can't stop cumming♪

And the female genital hole is the final treat of the parfait.

Customers can taste the slimy holes of the male genitals with their penises.

The ejaculation is aimed deep into the uterus…

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