My Hero Academia Adult BL Manga
  • Title:おぢさんコレクション
  • page:123

Kirishima-kun is brainwashed by Oji-san's personality and quits being a hero. "Kirishima, quit being a hero!"

"Ojisan's Love Game" in which Bakugou is lured out by Ojisan and is blamed throughout the first, middle, and second parts.

"Ojisan and Quirk W (Double)" depicts the night life of Ojisan and the two who have become Ojisan’s pets.

A video sent to the members of Class A after the two of them left: ``Goodbye, Class 1 A members!''

The rest of Class A, who have a hard time giving up, pursue the missing two and are wiped out, leaving only Deku behind!The remaining Deku also falls into pleasure over the first, middle, and second parts of "@Hokkori~na."

English version is also included.

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