Tonight is Heaven YAOI BL manga
  • Title:Tonight is Heaven
  • page:40

Yuya Ogiwara, a new office worker, is in love with Saki Kurose, a yakuza who helped him when his co-worker at his part-time job forced him into debt of 5 million yen when he was a college student.

There have been many ups and downs, but now they are living a peaceful and loving life.

One night, Yuya, who had been struggling with his job, went well and was treated to drinks by his classmates to celebrate, and on the way home, he unusually drank too much, but still felt great.

Wanting to enjoy the night even more, he rushes to his girlfriend's house, Saki, to buy him a souvenir of alcohol.

Yuya, who is in a good mood, and Saki, who has a cute boyfriend, end up drinking too much, and as a result, they end up having sex as usual...

English edition

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