Only I've Seen This Side of Him. I Gave My Friend an Aphrodisiac BL manga
  • Title:Only I've Seen This Side of Him. I Gave My Friend an Aphrodisiac
  • page:49

Tomoya is confused when he receives a sudden confession from Akira, who he thought was his best friend.

Tomoya has a sweet older girlfriend named Kuniya, and he just recently had sex with Kuniya for the first time thanks to an aphrodisiac that Akira gave him.

Akira has been my friend for a long time and I've never seen him like that. Tomoya insists that they want to remain friends, but Akira forcibly captures Tomoya's lips and forces him to drink an aphrodisiac mouth-to-mouth.

Akira approaches Tomoya, whose body is on fire with drugs and is becoming unconscious, saying, "Choose between calling Kuniya and running away from here, or having sex with me here."

Not wanting to lose his best friend, Tomoya stays and accepts Akira.

Akira cries as she is raped and made to climax over and over again, calling out the name of her lover Kuniya, but Akira continues to hold her intensely, entrusted to her jealousy and possessiveness.

Moreover, the act was clearly filmed.

The next day at school, Akira uses the video as a joke and forcefully drags Tomoya into a private room in the bathroom.

Akira snatched Tomoya's smartphone, reached for Tomoya's crotch, and dialed the number of his girlfriend Kuniya.

Why does Tomoya, who feels a strong sense of guilt over betraying his lover, continue to be embraced by his best friend?

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