Concentrated Nipple Teasing YAOI BL manga
  • Title:Concentrated Nipple Teasing
  • page:55

An office worker whose nipples have been intensively developed by a sticky molester.

In order to suppress the tingling in her nipples, she spends her days having secret meetings with men she hates.

One day, on Uncle Mob's whim, he is forced to wear a chastity belt and have his ejaculation controlled for a week.

During the day, I'm worried about what people around me are looking at, and at night I play with my nipples myself, but I can't climax and my dissatisfaction and sensitivity only increase.

On the train on the way home from work, Uncle Mob came to check on her and stroked her while avoiding her nipples, causing her to faint in agony.

I dragged my body to its limits and finally reached the day when the ban was lifted...

She was ordered to dress in an embarrassing manner and was told, "Please play with my nipples..."

I don't want to admit it, but I've been waiting for the nipple torture.

However, it was a series of merciless climaxes and excessive pleasure...

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