Fallen female! Serious sex education of a virgin honor student and a public health doctor BL manga YAOI
  • Title:みっちり!メス堕ち保健医~童貞優等生とマジメ性実習~
  • page:33 pages of main story + 33 pages excluding dialogue + 4 pages of covers, etc., 70 pages in total, all in full color

Akagi works as a health doctor at an all-boys school.

He was bombarded with the sexual desires of students and teachers on a daily basis, on the grounds that it was part of his job.
One day, Akagi was busy doing his job as a public health doctor, saying, "I'm going to work seriously today!" A virgin honor student with sexual problems comes to him for advice.

"I'd like to ask my teacher to demonstrate sex...!" a virgin student confesses.

Seeing his desperate and innocent appearance, Akagi was supposed to be enthusiastic and said, "Today I'm going to be serious," but her lewd instincts were stimulated more and more without her realizing it…

English edition

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