Impotent Ex-Host Playboy Imprisoned for 1 month by a Pervert「BL manga」
  • Title:Impotent Ex-Host Playboy Imprisoned for 1 month by a Pervert
  • page:94

Number One host Reo shot straight to the top of the ranks amongst the others hosts in Kabukicho thanks to his handsome face.

However, his smooth-sailing success was soon brought to a bumpy halt by a sudden onset of ED…

Some years later, he meets the strange and suspicious Narifumi and makes an agreement(?) to "fix Reo's ED in 7 days" with him which is where their strange relationship began…

After his confinement, Reo's feelings towards Narifumi grew stronger.

But with no contact from Narifumi, Reo's heart grew dissatisfied and he once again tried his hand at picking up women. His ED is cured so surely he'd have no problems and be able to forget all about that man.

Or so he thought…

He can't get it up for a woman?!

Reo hurries back to Narifumi and begs him to help once again.
Even though he knows exactly what's in store…

But Reo had no way of knowing that his actions had sparked Narifumi's anger.

"Are you ready to drown in pleasure on our little honeymoon?"

A trip overseas for their honeymoon(?)! Hard punishment sex!

Confinement and training love between a super perverted, super sadistic spectacled seme and straight ex-host playboy.

English edition

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