Deviant Discipline BL manga YAOI
  • Title:Deviant Discipline
  • Contents: 5 full-color main comics + 5 short bonus comics included

① A boss who lovingly develops his subordinate's huge nipples.

Every night in bed... and secretly in the office "nipple harassment"

“Please touch the tips of my nipples too.”

"Isn't that right?"

“ mini penis is easy to feel...Pinch my nipple penis...”

② Unrequited love, childhood friends in the prime of adolescence

My friend who has been in unrequited love for many years has banned masturbation.

Maybe I can do it now?...I thought, playing with my anus.

Even though he was sad when he held a woman... his penis is at the limit where masturbation is prohibited, and he is guided to ejaculation only by the anus!!

③ A refreshing couple from the tennis club. Senior x Junior

Two nice young men who don't like erotic talk.

But in reality, he was a sadistic man who loved deep throating, and a masochist who loved licking and sucking penises!!

The two, who were secretly dating, gradually become perverted during their sexual intercourse.

④ cram school teacher and students. master-slave reverse couple

The relationship between teachers and students at cram school, and the relationship between pets and their owners outside...

When eating on a date, don't let them use chopsticks or forks. Feed him naked on all fours.

⑤ Izakaya part-time job x manager. Classmates but unequal couple

Muscular body with thick hair. An izakaya manager who is relied upon by everyone...

Her proud big cock is used as her clitoris, and she squirts a huge amount with too much gap!!

The once manly store manager has completely turned into a female older brother.

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